If you have a song or some musical work that you wish to hear in a professional recorded format, then Roaming Rec can provide this service in the comfort of your own home! If you are a solo singer/song-writer and its just you and a guitar for example then our Songwriter Package might suit you best. Or perhaps you are not a singer? Then our Instrumental Recording Package would probably be the idea option to hear your instrumental in all its glory.


Once you have decided what package you want, and the recordings, mixing and mastering is completed... You will get multiple versions of the final product in digital formats sent (WAV 44.1 + MP3) as well as a hardcopy if that is desired. If you have artwork ready and waiting then professional versions of hardcopies can be arranged. More details regarding this can be found on our Product PDF that is available upon request. 


The mixing and mastering process takes place away from the recording location in a environment made for the task. This part takes time. The engineer will take away the recordings and keep you updated regarding the final product. The product return will of course depend on the size of the project. Essentially you are paying for the engineers time mainly. When the cost is broken down, you basically get the mixing and mastering for free!




- Basic Live Recording (BL1):


Professional recording of you and your instrument. This cheap and simple live recording of your music will be captured to make you sound like the pro's! This will include a clean up/mix and variant master edits to give you a choice of the final edits. This is perfect for very simple arrangements such as Acoustic Guitar + Vocals or Piano + Vocals.


This can also include a video recording of the performance synchronised with the recording. This would be included in your final product package.



- Song Writer Song Builder (SWB1):


This package is the same as BL1, except that it allows for more elements to be involved. Individual elements of your song will be recorded separately to build the song from the ground up. This will require some basic timing knowledge as you may have to record to a metronome/click.


This can include other musical elements to be added in by the producer. Such as drums, orchestral, Sound effects etc... this can all be discussed before the session takes place. These elements can be done by yourself if you are able to play multiple instruments.


If your songs only comprise of a few elements, for example: Guitar, Bass and vocals. Then you are not going to be charged the full rate stated below. You are more likely going to be close to the BL1 rates due to there not being as much work required by the session musicians/producers.



- Band Recording Live, Multitrack (BR1):


*Currently Only Multitrack Option Is available*  This is a standard band recording session. It would require some discussion before hand between the band and the recording engineer and of course further discussion between the band and the mixing engineer. 



- Mixing & Mastering (MM1):


This is for those of you who already have some raw audio that you wish to be mixed and mastered ready for release. 


A basic mastering will of course only require a 'good mix'. The information on this can be found on our Mix & Master PDF that is available upon request. But a full mix will require a folder containing all of the named stems (recorded elements). Please take a look at our 'deliverables’ page for more information on this.



Here are all the standard rates for the services. These rates are set to take into account the travel distance for the recording engineer. If a specific engineer/producer is desired, then these rates will likely alter depending on the distance required to travel. All payments can be done via PayPal or by other means that can be discussed with the team via the contact form below. 








1 song = £40

2 songs = £77

3 songs = £110

4 songs = £140

5 songs = £175





1 song (8 Hours Recording + Mix & Master + Compositional Additions) = £195

2 songs (8 Hours/2 Days Recording + Mix and Master  + Compositional Additions)  = £370

3 songs (8Hours/3 Days Recording + Mix and Master + Compositional Additions) = £549

4 songs (8Hours/4 Days Recording + Mix and Master + Compositional Additions) = £700

5 songs (8 Hour/5 Days Recording + Mix and Master + Compositional Additions) = £850





1 song (8 Hours Recording + Mix & Master) = £150

2 songs (8 Hours/2 Days Recording + Mix and Master )  = £280

3 songs (8Hours/3 Days Recording + Mix and Master) = £410

4 songs (8Hours/4 Days Recording + Mix and Master) = £560

5 songs (8 Hour/5 Days Recording + Mix and Master) = £650



MM1 (Mix & Master): 

1 song = £60

2 songs = £115

3 songs = £170

4 songs = £220

5 songs = £270

Larger project sizes can be discussed which grant greater discounts.


Mastering: £22 Per Track