Here are some of the U.K artists that we have worked with and added to our portfolio. We hope that you enjoy. There is quite a variety of genre. And much more to be added of course. So keep stay tuned and updated if you wish to just hear some great talent. Or perhaps you are shopping for a sound for your own musical works.




Mootzart Fusion Single - Feeling Low


Here is an example of a purely digital production, using nothing but a single microphone and some in the box production to get a modern funk rock/metal vibe... Click the image to hear!

Mootzart Retrofresh EP


This EP is a example of some acoustic pop funk. Showing some diversity in the genre reach of Roaming Rec. 

Baby Grand Piano Instrumental


Here is recording from a session with Ezra Nixon. An extremely talented multi instrumentalist. Its worth checking him out for his amazing piano, ukulele and guitar videos! 

Turna Phrase - Fractious 


Here is a fresh single recored a while back with artist Turna Phrase. Bringing strong messages into our world using his magician like vocals. 

Ezra Nixon Piano
Turna Phrase Fractious
Mootzart Fusion
Mootzart Retrofresh EP